Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photo Contest.

Throughout the month of March we will be featuring pictures of Winnipeg.

You can submit your photos by sending them in electronic form to Our favourite picture submitted before March 31 will win a stylish t-shirt of their choice from the Weirdos of Winnipeg Store. We'll even use your picture in a design! Snazzy! So here are the rules:

1. No pictures of people's faces. We'll still post overheard weirdness and stories about people as usual, but to protect the identity of the innocent, we won't post pictures of people's faces.
2. Pictures of weird graffiti are good, but please don't make the graffiti yourself. Firstly it's cheating (like submitting something you said as an overheard, it's just cheap) and secondly we don't want to encourage the defacement of public property.
3. The kinds of things we are looking for: weird graffiti, weird signs, weird things around town, stuff that is unique to Winnipeg. They can be pictures that are intrinsically funny, or they can be pictures of mundane things with creative or funny captions. We do reserve the right to change the captions if we think we're funnier than you are. But how likely is that really?
4. By submitting pictures you forfeit legal rights to them. That means: don't submit a picture you want to submit to a different photography contest or want to publish in a book. It may seem greedy of us, but once you submit a picture to us, we own it.

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