Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is the noise being made by people? Like maybe a CROWD of people?

Woman in The Bay: I'm not sure if it's crowded, or just noisy.

-overhead the first (and very busy) day of spring break, in polo park shopping centre

-thanks to Coral for the submission


Vagabondsoul said...


I'm a journalism student at Red River College and am doing a documentary for an assignment. Do you know which of these characters would be the most interesting - and WILLING - to help me with my project?

My first idea fell through, so I am under pressure to come up with something.

I want to film that cart/bag lady, the Asian woman who wanders around the Exchange. She seems friendly and interesting enough, but I doubt she speaks English.

Does anyone else know about her? Or can anyone help me?


Anonymous said...

If this journalism thing doesn't work out for you, there are many other programs offered at RRC. Meat Cutting is quite popular, as is Wood Shop or Boiler Maker's Apprenticeship.