Thursday, February 08, 2007

From the Mailbag

As we gain popularity (4 pages on Google!), so we gain Hatemail and Fanmail.

We love this. It's fuel for the fire that is WoW. Some people comment with stories that become part of the Weirdos posts, some people send us their laughter, others their hate.

And some people send us great links about eternal life.

Today's mailbag comes from self-proclaimed "Messenger of God" Kingsten Kensley .

He simply sent us a link, and so we checked it out.

We're not sure if he's from Winnipeg, but he certainly is a weirdo.

Our favourite part?
"To apply for discipleship and an everlasting life with the one and only true God, please email us"

Everlasting life via email! Awesome.

Please continue to send us hate and love mail. We'll be happy to feature it in our mailbag.

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