Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Part 2: A few weeks later

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I am stationed at the public service desk in the downtown office building where I work. I glance up and notice B.G. approaching, smiling benignly at me. For a second I assume I'm hallucinating, and then I think, "oh my god, he's found out where I work, and now I'm going to die."

B.G. (apparently failing to recognize me): Good afternoon, sir!
Me (trying to make myself as bland and unmemorable as possible): Uh, hello...
B.G.: I wonder if you had a chance to try the muffins I brought around earlier?
Me (completely thrown): Sorry, I hadn't heard about any muffins.
B.G.: Well, you really must try one; I just baked them myself this morning.
Me: Oh, really?
B.G.: Yes indeed. Now I wonder, sir, if by any chance you were at all acquainted with the late Mr. Burton Cummings? (He doesn't actually say Burton Cummings. He mentions the name of a prominent local man, considerably younger than himself, who to the best of my knowledge is still very much alive.)
Me (uncertainly): I know him by reputation...
B.G.: Well, as you seem like quite a nice young man yourself, I feel there is something I would like to share with you. (He takes a deep breath, and sighs.) One of the greatest satisfactions of my life has been that I was able to be of some comfort to him in the days of his final illness. He was such a lovely person! Such a talent!
Me (flabbergasted): Well, that's ... uh ... very nice! You know, I think I'll go and see if there are any of those muffins left.

I scurry away, and as the end of my shift is mercifully near, manage to spend the
remainder of it in hiding.

-thanks to j.d. for the contribution


Anonymous said...

Bill Guest? (Wait, he's dead...)

Anonymous said...

Why do you care so much that you're protecting his identity? What's he going to do--bake you some more muffins?