Monday, September 17, 2007

Actually, Hera is Zeus's wife. Aphrodite is his daughter.

Tweenie Bopper: ... no, I could be Zeus. You could be Aphrodite.
Tweenie With Less Experience in Greek Myth: Who's Aphrodite?
TB: She's, like, Zeus' wife.
TWLEGM: Aphrodite is his wife?
TB: Yeah!
TWLEGM: How do you know all of this?
TB: I watched Hercules.

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Laura said...

Only Aphrodite is probably not his daughter, as she supposedly rose from the foam on the sea caused by Ouranos' castration by Zeus' father-to-be Chronos. So... if anything, she's sort of Zeus' aunt.
But that's just one version.
and this is just useless babbling :)