Friday, September 14, 2007

Weirdos without stories

Occasionally we either hear about or see weirdos who should be included here, but who are brought to our attention without an accompanying anecdote. If you happen to see these weirdos around the city, keep your eyes and ears open, and send us any stories connected with them. Here are a few of these:

The Broom Man
Anyone else run into the guy with the brooms on the number 11 bus? Nice enough guy. Always a new unwrapped broom whether he is going or coming, always has a broom. Wears a really long scarf, and a grey beard.

The Cowboy Man on Regent
There's a scrawny skinny older man that can often be seen somewhere on Regent Ave between Plessis and Day. He's skinnier than a 12 year old girl and always dressed in cowboy duds. He's quite the familiar sight, and anyone who drives down Regent regularly would probably know what you're talking about if you asked them if they've seen the Cowboy Man on Regent.

The Wannabe Bay Shopper
The frail guy outside The Bay Vaughan doors who shouts "I can't afford anything!" to every single person who passes by.

Bartholomew Cubbins
A downtown man who wears several hats all piled on top of each other, and often several jackets as well, no matter what the weather is.

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