Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Weirdos of Winnipeg has been shut down by the city. Apparently we are contributing to a negative perception of Winnipeg--we've been contacted by city lawyers and asked to take the site down. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

I dare say petition. Who's with me?I'm gonna miss this site WAY too much to just stand by and let it go down without a fight! This site doesn't depict a 'negative view'. It shows the community what they're miss. It shows us all the interesting things happening that other forms of media won't bother with. It connects us through something other than Facebook and Myspace. I'd say closing the site brings a rather negative image to Winnipeg, does it not?

If Winnipeggers, such as myself, enjoy this site, then why close it? Has it harmed anyone? Has it done more than amuse us and bring us closer? Told us stories to tell our friends and co-workers? I don't think so. If anyone has been offended by this site, I'm sure the owner would change what offended them. But something as drastic as closing the blog? Wow, Winnipeg. This is toe to toe with the Penis Bridge. Clearly someone doesn't know what they're doing.

Now; I don't have the technology or time to start a petition, but someone should. (Probably not via internet; people would sign continuious times).

~~Dustin Anderson.

Anonymous said...

And I feel like an idiot for posting this on April 2nd..

Good job, WoW. You've messed me up. Lol.

So, uhh, ignore the whole petition thing.


Keep on rocking!


Anonymous said...

All rise for the next Mayor of Winnipeg: Dustin Anderson!