Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Such Thing

Here at WoW, we are often riding the bus. It's our unofficial headquarters.
A bus ad has been making us crazy, perhaps you've seen it, it features a leisure suit wearing gentleman advertising Lifestyle Condoms (sorry we've cut him out of the picture). I truly hope that the point of the ad is that men like him should never procreate, but I digress.

The thing that bugs us about this ad is the presence of this button. It looks like a computer keyboard button and it says "undo". The caption being "There is no such thing in life".
I encourage our readers to look down at their own keyboards. How many of them have this button? I'm guessing none. Because not only does it not exist in real life, it does not exist on a keyboard.

We here at WoW encourage clever bus ads, but have yet to see any.


Chloe said...

Oho! I challenge your claims of Undo-botton nonexistence, for I have one of these very same contraptions on my keyboard!! I also have a "Redo" button. However it must be said that I have never, ever used either one. And in fact I did not even know they were there until I read this entry, whereupon I looked down at my own keyboard to see if I had an "Undo" button or not.

I also dislike that bus ad. My friends and I have had long conversations about the underlying meaning of it (sad, but true). We've decided that it's trying to say only a stupid idiot (such as that guy)would forget or refuse to wear a condom, thus resulting in the emotional and financial burden of unwanted offspring?? It's a theory anyway.

Love the site!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you have a keyboard with function keys compatible with MS Office products the F5 key is an undo key. It doesn't say undo but that's what the backward arrow means.

D said...

I agree, bus ads aren't too clever sometimes... love the blog by the way, nice to have a fellow peg blog to read!

Gord said...

I suppose you could say the ad would be more accurate if it showed two keys, CTRL and Z. However, that might not be clear to someone who doesn't use a computer (or that particular key combo) regularly.
Considering this ad is directed towards people who apparently have to be TOLD to wear a condom, I imagine they wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Beg text, small words.