Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well, ringing the bell, he was asking for it.

Two old men got on separately on the #62.

The first old man, who looked like a 76-year-old Kramer from Seinfeld was chatty with everyone. The second old man, who resembled a turtle, sat next to him.

Nearing University Crescent, the turtle senior put his arm up to ring the ding and Kramer senior turned towards him and said: "You better put your (insert swear words here) hand down. I'm serious. I'll cut you up." Everyone was taken aback...turtle senior got off. Kramer got off a few stops later in Fort Richmond and started dancing (as though running through a field of daisies) towards a Robins Donuts.

-thanks to deb for the submission


holymotherofgod said...

Dear Wierdos, nice blog! Good to see other Peggers online.

Cocos said...

omg are you on hiatus or something...more!!!