Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Allcaps means yelling.

Yappy the Aggressively Cheerful Woman: HEY DO YOU HAVEANYSPARECHANGE?
Grumpy Man: NO!!!
Grumpy Man: SHUT UP!!


Anonymous said...

That is funny. I can't believe that there is a place designed to rag on the "canyousparesomechange" lady. One of my friends saw her changing her clothes outside of Movie Village.... Yuck.

Picture that next time she asks you.

Or maybe you'll actually get to see her naked.... onthewayout.

Anonymous said...

She used to come over and wait for me outside my van when I pulled up to drop off movies at Movie Village. So I would just sit there for like 5 or ten minutes, hoping she'd go away. But she never did.

Paul said...

The first time I saw her, she did her bit, and then onthewayout, I gave her about 35 cents, which is what I had left out of my five. She looks at me, annoyed, and says "That's it?"

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine works at Movie Village. Apparently, Yappy (who's name was actually Debbie) passed away a few months ago. :(