Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Because you got free chips?

In a corner grocery store, a woman holds up a 3/4 empty bag of chips.

Woman: ...don't you think your store shouldn't be selling this stuff?
Female Cashier: I told you my manager is coming.
Woman: Yeah, but don't you think I should get something for this? I mean, they're expired. And I bought some popcorn from here before that was bad... I dunno how long ago that was...
Female Cashier: *silently glares*

Enter manager.

Woman: Look! I bought these chips here and they expired in 05.
Manager: That's a 6.
Woman: No, no, it's a five. Why would I lie about this? Why would I lie?
Manager: I don't see how it's possible we'd even have chips that old, but I'll give you a new bag.
Woman: I wouldn't lie about this! Why would I lie... I wouldn't lie...
Manager: okay then...


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Welcome to my life

Crazy old lady: "This chocolate bar is modly!"
Me: "No, it's swirled which means dark and white chocolate together"
Old Lady: "Whys it all white then!? It's old and moldly! Give me my money back!"
Me: "Thats white chocolate ma'am as I said just two seconds ago"

Aahhh people