Monday, April 09, 2007

Actually, it was Thursday.

While standing at the intersection of Broadway and Osborne, I watched a man dash across the road against traffic. The lights were just changing, so the SUV he cut off was stuck at the red light afterward.

The guy in the SUV shouted out his window:

Manly, manly, SUV guy: Hey @#$*er! Watch where the @#$* you're going!
Manly, manly, jaywalker: @#$% you.
SUV: (gets out of his car) What the @#$% did you say to me?
Jay: @#$% you, man!
SUV: Why the @#$% did you run in front traffic like that, @#$%er?
Jay: (shrug) Why not? It's Saturday.
SUV: (getting back into his car as the lights change) Next time I'll run you down.
Jay: Do it! I'll sue!
SUV: (drives off yelling) @#$@er @#%ing @#$@head ##$face @$#%@^% !!
Jay: (walks off yelling) @#!$wipe $!@sucker @#%$er @*^ing %*!!#bag!!!


Elliot said...

I just keep waiting for guys like that to have a testosterone overload that makes the throbby veins in their muscular heads swell up and explode messily.

Anonymous said...

I like the comment, "Why not, it's Saturday".. like that makes it OK!