Thursday, May 03, 2007

I can't answer, I'm holding my breath

I live my life trying to avoid contact with bus crazies. But a bus crazy got on the 16 this morning, and, naturally sat down right beside me, event hough there were many completely empty seats on the bus. Why I attract these people is one of life's mysteries.

Bus Crazy: (gesturing to passing cemetary) HEY! Guess how many dead people are buried there!
Me: (Does he want a number? A guesstimate? Will he pull a knife out from under his parka and still my throat if I don't answer--?) I...uh...I...don't know...
Bus Crazy: All of them!
Me: What?
Bus Crazy: They're all dead! Ha! I heard that joke when I was five years old and it gets 'em every time!
Me: Heh. All of them. (I flip open my cell phone and start busily entering a long sequence of random numbers. After a couple of minutes he gets up and goes to visit somebody else.)

-overheard on the 16

thanks to dogen for the contribution

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