Thursday, October 04, 2007

Photo Contest #2

Anti-graffiti advertisements have appeared throughout Winnipeg lately, and naturally they have been subject to ... a lot of graffiti.

Our Second Photo Contest thus begins:
Take pictures of these ads with graffiti on them, and submit them in digital form to:

Our favourite picture will win something from the Weirdos of Winnipeg Store.


1. We neither endorse nor encourage graffiti. Be journalists, not vandals. Don't mark up the ads yourself. Firstly, it is a crime, and secondly it's cheating at this contest. Only "found" graffiti is applicable.
2. As with our previous photo contest, by submitting pictures you forfeit legal rights to them. That means: don't submit a picture you want to submit to a different photography contest or want to publish in a book. It may seem greedy of us, but once you submit a picture to us, we own it.
3. Since this contest requires less creativity than our last contest, the prize will be smaller. This time the prize is your choice of any two buttons or magnets. We will also custom make a button or magnet for you.
4. There will be more contests in the future, with bigger and better prizes, so if you lust for our merchandise but don't want to give us any of your money, just be patient.
5. The winner will be announced early in November.

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