Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy.

We're driving down Pembina to a friend's place. Up ahead we see something unusual driving in the centre lane. We get closer and realize it's a trike. Cool! We get even closer and realize it's a homemade trike. Un-flippin-real! We pull up beside it and I get a closer look. The dude driving it--rough looking dude with long hair, handlebar mustache, etc.--is clearly the man who built this badass machinery. He's put a crooked license plate holder on the back (this thing is actually legal), leather tassels on the handlebars, and built a pretty rad exhaust system. But, the piece de resistance--I kid you not--was the beer keg for a gas tank. It was up near the front suspension, sideways, and possibly serving a dual purpose. It was tough to tell if it was just there for decoration, or if it actually was the gas tank, but we're fairly certain it was the latter.

We eventually passed him, but on our way back I caught another look at the same trike backing into a parking spot in front of the 7-11. Pure Winnipeg! I'd give all the money in my wallet for a picture of that dude riding away, holding a slurpee between his knees.

-thanks to wes for the submission


Christine said...

Yes! I saw this guy too while I was at the bus stop on Notre Dame across from RRC.
Dude-with-bike, if you're out there, I say we all want a picture.

Jordan Morningstar said...

The bike is owned by Rolly, who built it out of a VW Beetle and a Suzuki Katana. He drove it to Sturgis a couple of years ago, and he was mobbed by people asking questions every time he stopped.

Forgive the shameless plug, but there's a full write-up with pictures on the bike on my site for anyone who wants to know more about it: